Alcohol Compliance Education

Why is ACE Training Important When Serving Alcohol?

Did you know that you, your business, and your staff may be held liable if an intoxicated guest leaves your establishment and causes an accident? Serving alcohol can leave a business and its employees vulnerable, and the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association wants to help protect you with its Alcohol Compliance Education (ACE) program. 
Is this course Mandatory or Voluntary?
This Oklahoma state-wide mandated certification course is approved by the ABLE Commission and meets all requirements for responsible alcohol server licensure. 

ACE is your IN-PERSON option for proof of alcohol compliance training. If you prefer an ONLINE training option, visit OHLA's ServSafe Alcohol Training site for more information.

The Program

  • ACE is a comprehensive training program that is approved by the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE) and covers any recent changes to Oklahoma's alcoholic beverage laws.
  • 2 Hour Course, Held On Property
  • 15 Employee Minimum
  • $400 Member / $600 Non-Member (Plus Expenses, if applicable)
  • Compliance Certificate for Business
  • Employee Certificate


  • How to identify signs of intoxication
  • Deal positively with customers
  • Recognize false identification
  • Apply Oklahoma laws regarding sales and services

Designed to...

  • Increase awareness of the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages and the misuse of alcohol.
  • Provide practical tips to employers/employees who sell alcoholic beverages and ideas on how to deal with customers.
  • Inform employers/employees and the industry of their legal responsibilities.
  • Eliminate the sale of alcohol to minors and help reduce drunk driving accidents and deaths. Oklahoma law provides for a maximum Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .08.

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