Free Human Trafficking Prevention Training

The Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association (OH&LA) and Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) are proud to partner in offering BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training at no cost to OH&LA members, so that more lodging facilities across Oklahoma can train their staff in human trafficking prevention.  

BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training for hotel employees is a 30-minute video-based training available in English or Spanish. Hotel staff can take the training as a large group, or individual employees can take the training online.
BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking training has been helping hotel employees learn the warning signs of human trafficking in hotels, and how to safely report it. By partnering with BEST to offer this valuable training, OH&LA is striving to reduce the crime of human trafficking and help keep Oklahoma lodging facilities safe.


BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Printable Toolkit

Download the free BEST toolkit. The toolkit contains indicator cards by lodging function, prevention tips, and resource cards for potential victims of trafficking. 


Human trafficking is incredibly widespread, and OH&LA members have an important role to play in keeping our community and our hotels safe from this harm. OH&LA is now partnering with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) to provide free human trafficking training for all our members and their staff. This 30-minute course about human trafficking can protect your hotel and save lives. BEST's training is a proven tool that helps victims of human trafficking escape exploitation and helps trained hotels become less hospitable for traffickers. 

Training Description

BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training (ITT) is a comprehensive human trafficking prevention training course available for hospitality employees. This training explains the truth of trafficking, the risks of trafficking to hotels, and concrete steps on how staff can personally make a difference in the lives of children and adults who are exploited every day in the United States. 

Take the Course Yourself

  • Each person taking the BEST course must first log-in to the OH&LA website, so you'll need to have your OH&LA log-in user and password available. If you are not already a user of the OH&LA website, please contact OH&LA's Sarai Maldanodo at 405.942.6462 to obtain a user profile.
  • After you log-in to OH&LA, you'll need a BEST enrollment code. Click the button below to view your membership enrollment code. 

  • Next, you'll head to BEST's Training Center.
  • Create a BEST Login and Register with your Individual or Group Training Course enrollment code.
  • Complete the online course
  • Download your certificate of completion.

Log back in at any time to refresh your training, print your certificate of completion, and redeem additional enrollment codes.

Printing Resources

Printing resources are available to reinforce the training. Download an order form here. 

Terms of Use

Members acknowledge that, by using this free training, an agreement on behalf of the employer and employee with whom the training is shared, to be subject to BEST's terms of use. 

BEST's Inhospitable to Human Trafficking Training is sponsored by the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA).