CHA Scholarship

The OHLA Member Certification Scholarship is available to members of the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association so that they may earn certification as a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA). This program awards up to four (4) $525 scholarships each year. There is no deadline, however, criteria and documentation must be met.

Scholarship funding is based on a first-come first-serve basis, eligibility, meeting the requirements and remaining funding at the time the application obligations are completed. A member may only receive one CHA scholarship. The scholarship is paid after the member provides OHLA with a copy of their AHLEI Notice of Acceptance. If the recipient does not complete CHA testing they or their employer (whoever the scholarship was issued to) is obligated to return the scholarship funds to the OHLA.

No application deadline.

OSUIT/OSU HTM Student Educational Scholarship

Scholarships are offered to both OSUIT & OSU HTM students. This is a great opportunity for men and women interested in entering our industry. Past scholarship recipients and past applicants are encouraged to reapply by submitting a new application prior to the deadline. Personal interviews will be held and selections will be made during the Spring. We welcome you and wish you well as you continue your preparation for what can be a rewarding career! On behalf of the entire Oklahoma Hospitality Foundation, we wish you success in your academic and career goals.

Application Deadline: February 13, 2022 by midnight

OKWIL Member LAS Scholarship

The Oklahoma chapter of Women In Lodging (OKWIL) is pleased to offer a $1,500 scholarship. The scholarship to enable one OKWIL member to join members of the Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association (OHLA) as they travel to Washington, D.C. to attend the AH&LA's Legislative Action Summit (LAS) in September 2020.

The OKWIL member receiving this scholarship will join the Oklahoma delegation (other OHLA members and OHLA Chief Strategy Officer) in Washington, D.C. to discuss important issues on Capitol Hill with Oklahoma's elected leadership and in sessions during the Summit. In addition, the group enjoys dining experiences and local sites together.

Application Deadline: TBA

OHLA Member LAS Scholarship

The Oklahoma Hotel & Lodging Association is pleased to present the OHLA Member Legislative Action Summit (LAS) Scholarship every year. This scholarship was created to help professionals attend the annual AHLA Legislative Action Summit. Applications will be reviewed by the OHLA Executive Committee, and the committee will often request a phone interview with applicants. Past scholarship recipients and past applicants are always encouraged to reapply by submitting a new application prior to the deadline, however, priority will be given to those never having received a scholarship.

Application Deadline: TBA

Questions? Contact us! 

As our member, our door is always open and we're here to help. Email Patti Colley for OHLA scholarship questions, and Roberta Helsley for Student scholarship questions; or feel free to reach out to us by phone at 405-942-6462.